Data Center World 2024 brought together industry leaders and innovators to explore the latest trends and technologies shaping the data center landscape. Among the notable participants was Nice | HySecurity, showcasing a range of signature products and cutting-edge perimeter protection solutions designed specifically for securing critical infrastructures such as data centers.

At the heart of Nice | HySecurity’s showcase at booth #525, were their signature products tailored for top security facilities like data centers. The StrongSlide M30/M50, SlideDriver II, and HydraWedge SM50 were spotlighted, each engineered with precision to meet the stringent security demands of modern data center environments. These solutions offer robust physical barriers that deter unauthorized access and protect valuable assets.

A key highlight at Data Center World was the introduction of the SmartTouch 725 controller — a pinnacle of smart technology that streamlines setup processes for HySecurity solutions. This advanced controller enables users to connect wirelessly, empowering them to modify settings, make adjustments, and conduct diagnostics seamlessly. Such integration underscores Nice | HySecurity’s commitment to providing not just security solutions but also user-friendly, intelligent systems that enhance operational efficiency.

This year marked a significant leap for Nice | HySecurity with the unveiling of a new 3D interactive software program. Attendees visiting their booth experienced firsthand how HySecurity solutions seamlessly integrate into various projects. Unlike traditional product showcases, this immersive technology allowed partners to envision the full capabilities of each product within real-world scenarios, aiding in informed decision-making and solution customization.

“We see our presence at Data Center World as a valuable opportunity to engage with the Data Center community and understand what developments are driving innovation in the space. Not only does the event ignite ideas among our team, but it’s an excellent chance for us to share our latest perimeter protection solutions, listen to feedback, and learn more about what our partners are looking for.”

Data Center World 2024 was a platform for Nice | HySecurity to demonstrate their leadership in perimeter protection solutions tailored for data centers. By showcasing signature products, integrating smart technologies, and unveiling innovative interactive software, the company reaffirmed its commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that meet the evolving security needs of modern data center environments.

About Nice | HySecurity 

Nice | HySecurity, the gate and barrier division of Nice North America, is a worldwide recognized industry leader of automated gate and perimeter security solutions. The Nice brand features residential and commercial gate operators, from elegant linear actuators to refined swing gate operators. The HySecurity brand provides high-quality, ultra-reliable industrial gate operators and crash-rated, Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) vehicle barriers designed to secure and protect critical infrastructure and facilities.

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