Safety Flooring in the Workplace

– Ryan Harris, spokesperson for Findly Roofing, says: Linney Flooring are pro floor fitters and represent considerable authority in the supplying and fitting of security floors in the South West and West Midlands areas of the [...]

Why I Like Raised Floors

– Ken Koty, sales engineer for PDU Cables and former data center facilities manager for Thomsen Reuters, says: When I’m talking with people about data centers, the discussions cover a wide range of topics.  One topic that comes [...]

Raised Floor Labeling Ideas to Improve Uptime

– Ken Koty, sales engineer for PDU Cables (www.pducables.com) and former data center facilities manager for Thomsen Reuters, says: Labeling, a worthy obsessionI’ve had people call me obsessive compulsive, anal retentive and other not so flattering [...]

Should Your Floor Be Raised?

– Robert Neave is a Co-founder and Vice President of Sustainable IT Initiatives at nlyte Software (www.nlyte.com) Why are we hearing more about raised floors not being used in thedata center? There has always been an [...]

Raised Flooring in the Data Center: Advantages and Disadvantages

– Steve Hambruch, Data Center Architect at Data Center Resources (www.datacenterresources.com), says: Are raised floors a way to save costs?This approach has the ability to save considerable CapEx and OpEx dollars. First, the raised floor itself [...]

Raised Flooring in the Data Center: Fad or Trend?

– Steve Yellen, Vice President of Product/Market Strategy, Aperture (www.aperture.com), says: Are raised floors a trend in the data center? Or a fad? It’s not a fad. A Research Note released in December 2009, by the [...]

Data Center Flooring

– Bob Cogan, managing partner at Pro Access Floors (www.proaccessfloors.com), says: What maintenance and/or cleaning needs to be done on data center flooring and flooring accessories? First and foremost is to determine the contamination level in [...]

Common Data Center Flooring Issues

– Tom Turner, product manager of grounding and bonding and power connectors at PANDUIT (www.panduit.com), says: Many data centers have loose busbar connectors. One reason that they loosen has to do with how the grounding cable [...]

Static Control Flooring in the Data Center: Knock Out The Charge

– David Long, president of Staticworx (www.staticworx.com), says: It is important to point out a key distinction about static control flooring in data centers; research has shown that there are only two forms of static control [...]

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