John Patzakis, CEO at X1, says:
Virtualization is gaining critical mass in the enterprise. IDC reports that nearly all new data centers being implemented by enterprises are virtualized, and desktop virtualization is similarly becoming the norm for large enterprises. While there are many compelling benefits associated with this trend, one emerging and serious challenge is the search and retrieval of critical information, such as emails, files, SharePoint data and other such documents critical to business productivity. Traditional search solutions are ill-suited to operate within a virtual environment’s elastic network of machines that dynamically provision computing resources, such as server time and network storage.

 X1, the leading provider of enterprise search and eDiscovery solutions for standard and virtual environments, today announced the availability of the company’s all-new desktop search software, designed specifically for end users working in a virtualized environment, X1 Search 8. This solution supports both desktop virtualization as well as reaching into the virtual data center and the cloud with an enterprise extension.

As employees create and exchange content via Outlook, webmail, SharePoint, cloud and collaboration applications and on mobile devices, finding information across multiple platforms has become increasingly difficult. Many studies show that there is a significant amount of time wasted by employees searching for old files and emails. Saving just one to two minutes a search for files and email adds up significantly over the course of an hour or day, and expands exponentially over the course of weeks and years – not to mention the brainpower needed to switch tasks to find what is needed and switch back to the original project once the file or email has been found.

Finding content is difficult enough on a traditional desktop, but the issue complicates with migrations to virtualized desktops. Users are learning a new environment, typically without the native desktop search available. Adding powerful search capabilities to a virtual environment can ease the end user’s transition to virtualization and increase productivity. 

X1 Search 8 is designed to combat all of these issues, providing search capabilities across physical, virtual and cloud environments with results returned in a single pane. X1 was specifically architected to uniquely and seamlessly operate in virtual desktop environments, including popular Citrix solutions XenApp and XenDesktop.  The software features:
  • Unified search across Outlook items, files, SharePoint data and webmail
  • Compatible with both standard and virtual desktops
  • Patented fast-as-you-type search with Boolean, proximity and keyword searching
  • Preview over 500+ file types in native format
  • Post Search Actions: Open, edit, reply, forward, and more, without leaving X1
  • Microsoft Outlook 64 bit support
  • Robust search extended to enterprise and cloud content via connection to X1’a Rapid Discovery Enterprise Server
  • Webmail Search: In addition to indexing Outlook, SharePoint and local files, faster than ever
  • Redesigned user interface: Provides a more intuitive, streamlined experience

At just $49.95 per seat, X1 Search 8 is a timesaving, intuitive tool that saves enterprises time and money. For more information, visit