Rick Stevenson, CEO of Opengear, says:

3G cellular networking has been integrated into out-of-band management systems for some time now. But until recently, no one had successfully integrated 4G LTE support into remote management gateways. When it comes to remote management, 4G LTE would represent no small improvement: latency can be up to 20 times lower in networks that use 4G than those that rely on its predecessor.

As our customers’ networks have spread across the globe via data centers, edge networks and public and private clouds, speed has become paramount (and in high demand). Add to that 4G LTE’s ability to increase overall network capacity and efficiency for carriers and the value of the technology really comes into focus. But so far, industry hasn’t been able to take advantage of the increased speed and capabilities promised by integrated 4G LTE for remote management.

We’re hoping to change that, however, thanks to some hard work by our Opengear development team. I’m proud to announce that we have succeeded in incorporating 4G LTE into our out-of-band management solutions, and we are now offering built-in 4G LTE support for our ACM5500 line of remote management gateways. It’s true that 4G LTE has made its way to the marketplace as a (less reliable) plug-in solution, but as far as I know Opengear is the first in the industry to fully integrate 4G LTE into a remote management gateway.

The increased speed promised by 4G LTE comes without sacrificing any of the other features that make the ACM 5500 line such a standout in the field. The product offers secure in-band and out-of-band access that enables remote configuration, monitoring and repair of all types of IT and networking equipment. It allows faults to be repaired remotely or automatically, reducing the need for expensive on-site technical visits and minimizing network downtime.

Incorporating 4G LTE also increases the reliability of our products, extending their reach to areas where 4G networks may be the only ones available. And when 4G networks are unavailable, our management gateways are capable of falling back to 3G and even 2G networks to ensure continuity.

Furthermore, just as the 3G version did, our 4G LTE management gateway allows users to access devices at all sites that are behind firewalls, or sites where the primary network connection is impaired.

Perhaps most crucially, Opengear’s 4G LTE gateways accommodate 4G LTE network bands worldwide, enabling enterprise to link up infrastructure across the globe seamlessly and efficiently.

Our engineers worked long and hard to bring this technology to fruition. We’re very pleased to be able to bring it to market, as we believe this represents a major advance for remote management gateways.