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Scalability on Microsoft SQL Server Database

Marc Lind, senior vice president of global marketing for Aras Corporation, says:

Aras recently announced the results of independent testing conducted by Logic 20/20 for the scalability of product life cycle management (PLM) software Aras Innovator 10 running Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Enterprise Edition on HP ProLiant servers with the HP ioDrive2 Duo IO accelerator technology from Fusion-io. The results validate optimal performance and resource utilization for 500,000 named users with 125,000 concurrent users, the largest testing conducted to date in the enterprise PLM industry.

“SQL Server 2012 is designed to provide the performance and scalability required by the most demanding mission-critical applications whether they are running in the data center or the Cloud,” said Simon Floyd, ‎Director of Product Lifecycle Management Solutions at Microsoft. “Together Aras, Microsoft, HP and Fusion-io deliver predictable scalability, high user concurrency and performance required by the world’s largest manufacturers to compete and innovate in a fast changing global market place.”

Tests were conducted on Aras Innovator 10 running SQL Server 2012 Enterprise Edition with standard Microsoft recommended settings and best practices. HP ProLiant DL980G7 and DL585G7 servers were used, and the DL980G7 was tested both with and without the HP ioDrive2 Duo IO accelerator technology from Fusion-io. Testing occurred with 500,000 named users at 25,000, 75,000 and 125,000 concurrent user loads with real-world scenarios and data structures to simulate actual usage.

“The results of the tests indicate that Aras Innovator 10 performance scales consistently and nearly linearly with hardware,” said Anders Westby, Director of Cloud Services and Testing at Logic 20/20. “Testing validates that Aras Innovator 10 running on SQL Server 2012 Enterprise Edition can handle very high numbers of concurrent users when running on standard server configurations.”

Logic 20/20’s Performance Conclusions

  • Aras Innovator 10 and SQL Server 2012 Enterprise Edition running on standard HP server configurations showed strong performance and excellent resource utilization across all tests.
  • During testing average CPU utilization was consistently below 25 percent and total percentage of CPU utilization never exceeded 30 percent.
  • The average response times were fast across the different concurrent user loads tested from 25,000 to 125,000.
  • As expected in an online transaction processing (OLTP) workload like Aras Innovator 10, the greatest constraint was in the I/O subsystem’s ability to read and write to disk.
  • The benchmark testing results validate that Aras Innovator 10 running on SQL Server 2012 Enterprise Edition scales nearly linearly with hardware upgrades and is architected for very high numbers of concurrent users.
  • The performance of Aras Innovator 10 is not constrained by its architecture. The design puts the burden of work on the hardware, so it can be scaled-up and scaled-out with server hardware.

The Aras architecture supports scale-out on the file system and web servers with scale-up on the database by moving non-transactional data to the scale-out servers, allowing Aras Innovator 10 to handle very large levels of throughput by using frequent, short database transactions.

Optimized exclusively for Microsoft SQL Server, Aras Innovator 10 is able to achieve this new level of PLM scalability because of Aras’ unique technology innovation, a model-based service oriented architecture (model-based SOA). The model-based SOA is designed for scalability, flexibility and extensibility while delivering consistent performance at scale whether running applications out-of-the-box or highly customized.

For more information, the Logic 20/20 Scalability Benchmark Methodology and Performance Results report is available here.

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