Chris Patterson, Vice President Product Management, NaviSite, says:
For many companies, data is their most valuable asset, and keeping that data secure requires a substantial investment of enterprise resources. While it is crucial for a company to keep its data secure, it is also important for employees to share that data freely to operate effectively and spark innovation.

In this age of instant communication and information exchange, enterprises require solutions that allow for easy, secure, and real time file sharing, but most consumer-oriented file sharing solutions are generally unable to meet the security and compliance needs of an enterprise. Without an enterprise-focused file sharing platform, employees may be jeopardizing the security of corporate data, and unknowingly violating company policy.

NaviSite recently announced a cloud-based file sharing solution to help companies fill this security gap and offer employees a simple, safe and intuitive corporate file sharing solution. NaviCloud® Intelligent Storage (NCIS) Share is an EMC Atmos-powered cloud storage platform that can be used to store large amounts of data that can be accessed from anywhere with Internet access. NCIS Share enables employees to save files to the cloud and share them with individuals or groups within their organization, and employees can also access that data remotely. From the IT side, NCIS Share requires relatively minimal setup. An IT administrator simply needs to set up user groups and grant an individual access. NCIS Share is highly scalable and a company can easily expand or reduce sharing and storage capabilities to accommodate its needs.

In addition to enabling employees to share data, companies must also ensure their data is stored and backed up reliably and efficiently in high-quality data centers. To help companies effectively store and manage data, NaviSite is also announcing NCIS Vault, a customized solution that provides a safe, reliable way to back up large data sets off-site. Based on the Actifio platform, NCIS Vault provides companies with advanced, on-premise data protection and storage capabilities. The key to Vault lies in its de-duplication technology. When files are edited, old copies are removed and only the most recent versions are backed up, and the customer retains the original on-premise. This means that customers can quickly increase available storage, while only paying for what is actually used, and retain off-site storage in an economical and flexible manner.

NaviCloud Intelligent Storage goes far beyond traditional approaches to meet the storage and data access demands of enterprise organizations, and we’re committed to continue building on the enterprise class solutions we deliver to our customers. With the additions of NCIS Share and Vault, enterprises can feel confident in securing and storing their data in the cloud.