Dean Nicolls, vice president of marketing, TeleSign, says:

We’ve acquired an SMS company that enables us to extend our flagship security platform into the enterprise mobility space with the creation of TeleSign Mobile, a new mobile services division. 

We currently serve the world’s largest and most visible online web properties through high quality, innovative security products that help these clients prevent fraud and protect their users.  Now we will own and manage our own GSMA-licensed mobile messaging network, equipping us with direct network access and both roaming agreements and direct connections with many operators around the world. This ensures high performance, transparency in fault diagnosis, and long-term stability in cost and service availability for customers.

It is predicted that by 2014, more Internet hours will be logged by mobile devices than desktops.  Couple this trend with pervasive SMS usage and the fact that a whopping 3 billion phones are now SMS-enabled, it is clear that people are using their phones more and more and for a variety of activities.  Accordingly, global web properties, including social media and online gaming sites, are exploring new ways to exploit SMS that go beyond two-factor authentication and online verification for fraud prevention to provide real-time communications with their users. 

The formation of TeleSign Mobile allows us to deliver a new set of services to customers –  SMS services, network subscriber data and self-service tools that are purpose-built to serve the needs of businesses that want to benefit from the possibilities of mobile business process automation. These are the kinds of customers that are shaping TeleSign’s future product direction.

Our CEO Steve Jillings commented, “The acquisition was made to better serve these global clients by enhancing our direct connections to mobile operators globally.  With the creation of TeleSign Mobile, we have accomplished this goal and will expand our reach in a global fashion.”

The new TeleSign Mobile helps companies communicate with their users via dependable mobile messaging with a truly global reach. TeleSign provides a single point of contact to make the experience simple and easy to use. Additionally, TeleSign Mobile’s network access and direct connection to global operators, enhances TeleSign’s current security and mission-critical authentication solutions.  According to the company, these efforts combine to provide effective fraud-prevention and messaging services for companies all over the world. 

With a strategic business focus built around security, mobility, data, and cloud services, the initial customer reaction to TeleSign Mobile has exceeded our expectations, validated by the analyst community and our global strategic clients who continue to subscribe to additional intelligence products.