– Becky Hjellming, senior manager of product strategy at Vision Solutions, says:

The art of skillfully using data for real-time decision making has become strategic as businesses seek a competitive edge through better insight into trends, correlations, and key business indicators. However, effectively exchanging data between and among databases and applications is often time-consuming and problematic, and the difficulty is compounded when databases, applications and operating systems are from different vendors.  Whether it is the nightmare of having multiple databases or incompatible applications, facing these issues leads to more than just internal confusion, but a loss in productivity. Luckily, Vision Solutions, Inc., a premier provider of Cloud Protection and Recovery, High Availability and Disaster Recovery, and Migration and Cross-Platform Data Sharing solutions, is now offering Double-Take Share 5.1, the latest solution to easy, automated data sharing amongst databases in real-time.

With the latest 5.1 version, Double-Take offers enhanced support for Microsoft® SQL Server®, increased performance when running in IBM i and Teradata environments, and support for additional versions of z/OS.

Key Features:
Enhancements for Microsoft SQL Server environments

o   Provides support for Microsoft SQL Server 2012 as both a source and target database.

o   Provides replication of XML data in Microsoft SQL Server environments, even between different versions of SQL Server.

o   Supports multiple metabases in SQL Server environments to provide additional flexibility for organizations employing multiple data models.

Enhancements for IBM i

o   Significantly enhances performance by allowing more transactions to be replicated with lower system resource utilization.

o   Added support for *MAXOPT3 receiver size option lowers IBM i maintenance needs and operational overhead.

Additional performance and platform support enhancements

o   Yields increased replication performance in Teradata environments.

o   Added support for IBM z/OS 1.12 and z/OS 1.13. 

With Double-Take Share 5.1, organizations will be enabled to break through the barriers that lock data in hardware, operating systems, database or application platforms, with a simple, automated tool that enables real-time data sharing, ultimately leading to increased productivity and profitability.