Originally posted on the Independent Data Center Alliance

The Independent Data Center Alliance presented a LIVE webinar, “How Data Center Design Requirements are Beginning to Shift with New Standards Set by Data Center Providers,” on November 17th, 2021. Founder of IND-DCA and CEO of DataGryd, Tom Brown, Stephen Scott of Datalec Precision Installations and Steve MacDiarmid of FNT Software discussed the evolving data center market and shared their expert insight on data center design, management and new technologies that address the shifts that the data center industry is undergoing. 

Stephen Scott, CEO of Datalec Precision Installations starts off the discussion with the idea that for the first time in years, data center owners and operators can contemplate data center design and how data centers will deliver services. Stephen explains the enormous growth in demand and servicing in data center space and that growth will continue to double within the next couple of years. Stephen continues to discuss the resource availability needed to allow companies like Datalec Precision Installations to build and operate these high demanded data centers. Datalec Precision Installations focuses on finding a better way to build, a better place to build and a better way to power the data center while incorporating all the proper design requirements.

Steve MacDiarmid, Executive Managing Director of FNT Software, takes a look into the facility management, software and cabling side of data center design. Steve explains the shift that data center providers have made from “commercial off the shelf” software to fully customized design for an entire data center. Steve continued to present a few of the trends that FNT Software currently encounters in the data center space including artificial intelligence and IoT and pushing into edge computing. From 5G rollout fiber to the work-from-home business from high density computing, all of these factors increase the demand for high functioning data centers requiring fiber documentation. With the high demand of remote work, specifically in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic, FNT Software specialized in robotics to replace manual labor and to optimize data centers to their full potential while managing remotely. 

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