Digital Fortress, a leading multi-tenant colocation and wholesale data center provider recently launched a new state of the art, redundant fiber network that will serve Digital Fortress’ Richmond, Virginia wholesale data center. The new fiber network will connect Digital Fortress’ 100-acre campus in Richmond with private and direct access to Ashburn and Virginia beach, offering diverse, high capacity fiber and six-way duct systems between the wholesale data center and surrounding key markets. With low latency and diverse east-west ducts, the network will offer multiple access points and highly secure chambers while offering high-capacity optical fiber maximizing performance potential within the data center. 

Digital Fortress’ network announcement further fortifies the company’s flagship data center in Richmond, Virginia. The wholesale data center provides customers with space and power in an industry-leading facility, and now offers a new, highlight reliable network that supports the entire region. As a result of its new network, Digital Fortress can now provide customers with a one-stop shop solution for their core digital infrastructure needs. The company has space for immediate availability with ample expansion space including an entire shell and core data hall as well as adjacent land for an entire new building.

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