The Nordic region comprises some of the world’s most highly developed digital marketing, however the interconnection infrastructure available in the region does not match the maturity of the Nordic’s digital economies. That is where DE-CIX, the world’s leading Internet Exchange (IX) operator comes into play. DE-CIX is expanding its global leading IX platform to Norway, Denmark, and Finland. The IX operator’s expansion to these regions will serve the growing big data connectivity needs throughout the region. DE-CIX will fully integrate the Nordic exchanges into the company’s existing carrier and data center neutral interconnection ecosystem – consisting of more than 10 IXs (2100+ connected networks) in Europe, and 5 IX’s (400+ connected networks) in North America. The new DE-CIX IX’s in the Nordics will have presence in all relevant data center facilities in the respective markets.

To support DE-CIX, BULK Infrastructure Group AS is an initial partner for the new market entry. BULK Infrastructure is Norway’s leader in building and operating sustainable digital infrastructure, data center, colocation, fiber network and industrial real estate solutions. The partnership between DE-CIX and BULK will further enhance options for customers to interconnect and access a range of services in addition to the already low latency access to major markets. With the new DE-CIX IX Platform in these regions, the company is extending its global footprint to overall 32 locations in Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia. 

To learn more about DE-CIX, please visit https://www.de-cix.net