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When it comes to a career in telecommunications, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. With telecommunications company Tampnet, each employee’s day is different. The technical team members in particular, spend their time managing connectivity across a diverse range of technologies serving clients spanning the global markets. Tampnet provides critical connectivity for businesses, governments, and other organizations worldwide, through their expansive fiber optic telecommunications network and complimentary LoS and wireless technologies. 

We sat down with Silje Rugsveen, Tampnet’s Operations Engineer, to learn more about her day-to-day responsibilities and what sets Tampnet apart from other companies in the industry.

A Lot Has Changed – and Now We Are Living in a Hybrid World

To celebrate World Telecommunication and Information Society Day, it’s essential to take a moment to celebrate industries that have kept us connected during the pandemic, and particularly the people who work behind-the-scenes in the tech industry. 

Silje Rugsveen is one such woman, an Operations Engineer at Tampnet. Rugsveen offers a unique perspective on the rapidly changing world of fiber and telecommunications.

Rugsveen pursued a career in tech, following in her parent’s footsteps, who both worked in the telecommunications industry. She said, “I started playing games and exploring all the endless possibilities within computer applications from the age of 6 – It fascinated me on so many levels!” This experience grew into a passion and sparked her desire to complete a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. While the subjects were complex and some were particularly challenging, Rugsveen said, “I found that I really enjoyed the programming and telecommunications subjects and this kept me motivated to keep going.” Ultimately, she chose a career in technology because of the endless possibilities the future holds. 

When Rugsveen first began her role at Tampnet, she imagined it to be very different. “As I had not really worked in an operational role before, I assumed my internship would take a form similar to an entry-level IT service desk job, helping users with quite basic telecoms issues. I very quickly found out that the NOC (Network Operations Centre) is so much more than that. I was paired with a senior engineer, trained on the specific technology and educated on the criticality of the service for our customer base. I was very quickly working with the team to monitor, troubleshoot, and correct faults in the entire global network and for multiple technology verticals such as fiber, LTE, radio, and so on.”  

When quizzed further on the most challenging aspects, she notes “the most challenging scenarios are also the most exciting and satisfying to solve. The nature of such a diverse telecommunications network is such that we can deal with anomalies such as weather events one moment, and simple human error the next. Even the most well-laid plans can be disrupted by an event outside of your control, but the team dynamic, our network diversity and the technology we incorporate in our network means that we have the ability to overcome virtually anything!”

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