Following DC BLOX’s recent announcement that it is building a new Cable Landing Station (CLS) in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, DC BLOX has acquired the Southeastern fiber assets from Light Source Communications and Ascendant Capital Fiber, including a unique dark fiber network connecting South Carolina to Georgia that is currently under development. The acquisition of these fiber assets will provide DC BLOX with a comprehensive ability to meet the data center and communications infrastructure requirements of a broader set of customers across the Southeast region. With the construction already underway of the dark fiber route, the CLS and the terrestrial dark fiber route are both planned to be completed in 2023. 

In addition to this, DC BLOX welcomes three new members to the team. Light Source’s Co-Founder and CEO, Debra Freitas, and Co-Founder, President and COO, Pete Empie, will be responsible for continuing to drive the development of new fiber network infrastructure to support the company’s customers and facilities. Additionally, Mark Fortier,  VP of Technology Infrastructure Sales at FiberLight will be joining the team as well. He will be responsible for developing carrier and hyper-scaler relationships for connectivity and data center solutions. The new fiber route will serve hyperscale customers and communications providers who need high-capacity, economical access to Atlanta from cities along the East coast. This project represents another significant investment in digital infrastructure by DC BLOX in South Carolina. 

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