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Chris Grossman, Senior VP of Enterprise Applications, Rand Worldwide, says:

We recently surveyed more than 100 companies on the state of enterprise data backup within their organization to gain a better understanding of data backup practices within organizations. The participating companies represented more than 12 different industries with a median company size of between 1,000 and 5,000 employees.

The results of the survey indicated that most companies are not happy with their current enterprise data backup solution; with only 20% of respondents indicating they would be extremely likely to recommend their backup solutions to others.

enterprise data backup

Of the responding companies, more than 80% indicated that they have had to recover data from a backup – and 37% of those companies have experienced a recovery failure. Nearly 90% of responding companies believe that recovery is more important than backup.

The top three reasons companies are not happy with their backup solutions are:

  1. It has limited features (40%)
  2. It requires too much manual effort (40%)
  3. It takes too long to backup (37%)

The top three reasons for enterprise data backup are:

  1. Disaster Recovery (89%)
  2. Continuity of Business (71%)
  3. External Regulations (49%)

The top two most desired backup features:

  1. Mobile Device Backup (58%)
  2. CRM Backup (45%)

As we move into this New Year, it is the perfect time for organizations to reevaluate their current enterprise data backup solution to make sure it is fully meeting data governance requirements. Whether your organization needs backup to restore data rapidly in the event of a disaster, to meet external regulatory requirements, or to adhere to any other data governance policies, your enterprise data backup solution must be able to restore your data whenever and wherever you need it to.

About the Author

As a Senior Vice President, Chris Grossman manages the Enterprise Applications division of Rand Worldwide, including the Rand Secure Data division. Contact Chris at cgrossman@rand.com or visit www.randsa.com.

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