Nlyte On-Demand

Nlyte On-Demand

Matt Bushell, Sr. Product and Corporate Marketing Manager at Nlyte, says:

During the recent Garter Data Center Conference in Las Vegas, Nlyte Software made announcements on two successive days for on-demand, software-as-a-service offerings.  The first, simply titled Nlyte On-Demand, is billed as having the same functionality as their flagship Nlyte 7 product line. It is available on a subscription basis and is meant to foster faster data center infrastructure (DCIM) deployments whilst avoiding upfront capital expenditures that tend to slow down the procurement process.  Nlyte On-Demand is being touted for organizations of any size, though clearly this is an aim to target the small-and-medium business (SMB) market.  The latter announcement is targeted at on-premise clients or prospects seeking easy test environments or disaster recovery for their Nlyte DCIM solution.

Nlyte is perhaps the only pure-play software DCIM suite provider out on the market today, and as such, last week’s announcements clearly are serving notice to both clients and competitors that Nlyte’s offering is one to evaluate and reckon with.  Nlyte will tell you straight out that they’ve been using their on-demand technology for over six months already as it has been tested for them by numerous clients requiring it (and thus using it) for their proof-of-concepts.  Nlyte is well aware of the industry’s preponderance of spreadsheets and Visio/CAD doubling as a data center infrastructure management “solution” and thus they felt compelled to make their proven software platform more widely available.

Furthermore, Nlyte observed that as its existing install base had begun to rely upon Nlyte operationally, these clients, wanting the latest versions of Nlyte but not the risks associated with an untested upgrade, were seeking an easy way to have a test and development version of Nlyte deployed.  Thus, Nlyte Test Environment On-Demand was created for exactly this purpose –without the need for provisioning additional hardware (and the maintenance thereof.)  Analogously, Nlyte Disaster Recovery On-Demand gives Nlyte clients the ability to fail-over their Nlyte operations should the need arise.

Nlyte On-Demand is in limited release today, and, along with Nlyte Test Environment On-Demand and Nlyte Disaster Recovery On-Demand, will be generally available in January 2014.