– Andrew Higginbotham, president of Savvisdirect, says:

As businesses continue to move both day-to-day and mission-critical applications to the cloud, they consistently ask for implementations that are smooth from purchase to onboarding. CenturyLink recently released savvisdirect, a cloud solution for businesses of any size, to public beta testing. Savvisdirect provides companies with a scalable and cost-effective cloud solution and is a natural expansion of CenturyLink’s industry-leading portfolio of Savvis cloud services.
Savvisdirect enables simplified access to on-demand virtual servers, development platforms, click-to-buy storage services, and services configuration and management. A SaaS marketplace featuring apps like Microsoft Hosted Exchange, SharePoint and security and backup solutions are also available to provide companies with additional piece of mind.
Available in beta at http:\\savvisdirect.com, the full generally available version is expected to launch in North America towards the end of the year and expand into Asia and Europe in 2013. We are offering savvisdirect so users at any business can adopt the cloud without any technical or implementation delay concerns. The cloud has benefits for businesses of all sizes, but many potential users think it’s difficult to get started. It needs to be accessible to everyone, so businesses can easily scale to meet demand and provide end-users with fast and efficient service. Savvisdirect meets this need.
Savvisdirect encourages cloud adoption by offering server options that can be tailored to specific business needs, and by consolidating cloud services in one location for IT administrators. An intuitive interface is accessible to even non-technical personnel, further encouraging adoption among smaller firms.  Business users will be comforted by offered service-level agreements and 24/7 support that is available to promptly address any concerns. 

 For more information, visit http://savvisdirect.com/