andrew cohen

Andrew Cohen, co-founder and CEO, PowWow, Inc., says:

The stage has been set. Enterprises over the last four decades have been busy building and buying thousands of business applications. At the same time the growing wave of BYOD and corporate led mobile initiatives has led to an explosion of the number of mobile devices in the enterprise. The reality of today’s business environment means workers are mobile, and apps must be too. There are new approaches to creating mobile versions of these enterprise apps, and this coming year we predict we will see six major developments in the area of enterprise app mobilization and Rapid Mobile Development:

  1. The mobile enterprise market continues shift from device management to mobilizing and deploying applications.
  2. Rapid mobile development tools start consolidation and pure interface modelers lose to mobile backend-as-a-service (Mbass), virtualization and other back end players.
  3. DaaS is DOA.  Enterprises will move to a mobile and app-centric virtualization model.
  4. Android gains market share from iOS with tablets; Windows gains market share with smartphones and tablets.
  5. Google will implement standards around OS and hardware for Android to curb device and OS fragmentation or risk losing developers and the enterprise.
  6. Microsoft, Google, and Apple will declare themselves as fully mobile first.

Driven by a need to extend the life and use of their enterprise apps, as well as placate the needs of their ever-growing mobile workforce, IT will look to innovation to mobilize key business apps. I predict these six developments will help the overall market support this this revolution in mobilization.

About the Author

Andrew Cohen combines vision and strategic leadership with a rich background in innovative technology solutions. Over the last 12 years, he has taken on startup leadership roles in enterprise sales, strategy services and first customer product releases. Cohen has 10 years of leading-edge R&D in mobile work, collaboration and product design, with multiple patents, presentations and publications to his name.