rivalWhether you’re a senior executive, a young entrepreneur or a student just entering into the workforce, today’s business landscape is more complex, competitive and difficult to navigate than ever before — and there is certainly no shortage of barriers to overcome to achieve a successful career.  Fortunately, telecom industry veteran Benjamin Von Seeger’s new book, “The RiVal,” provides a comprehensive roadmap to help you get ahead.

“The RiVal” reflects upon Von Seeger’s 20 years of business experience and outlines key strategies and tactics that professionals can use to develop loyal business relationships and stand out amongst their competition.  Von Seeger’s professional resume includes executive leadership positions at Terremark Worldwide Inc. and CENX. He also currently manages his own enterprise, BVS Consulting Group, and serves as a Partner for Leapfactor as well as consultant to several global companies.

“The RiVal,” will teach you the key elements of what it takes to be a global leader, including developing both rational and emotional intelligence, and perfecting brand development, relationship building, business strategy, global competitiveness and many other integral skills. Von Seeger outlines these skills in a way that makes it easy to apply them to everyday professional life.

authorThe book has already garnered praise amongst industry executives and thought-leaders:

“’The RiVal‘ is a great guidebook for the new generation of businessmen and woman that want to lead the revenues of our newest companies being built,” said Jamie Dos Santos, CEO of Cybraics. “Succeeding in business is not just hard work; you have to have the right foundation. Von Seeger’s advice can serve as a guidebook to a long and successful career.”

“The same gift that first brought Benjamin to the attention of industry leaders is now the gift he shares with readers across the globe – insights about what makes great businesses, including branding, integrity, culture, clear vision and philosophy. Readers of ‘The RiVal’ will leave with a clearer sense of purpose, drive and renewed confidence in their business,” said Ilissa Miller, Chief Executive Officer of iMiller Public Relations and President of the Northeast DAS & Small Cell Association.

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