By:  Brooke Chaplan, Technical Writer

Training programs function as an added value to business. The cost of training programs vs. the value of the enhancements they provide is well worth the minimal time expended. The most significant factor is the increase in employee productivity and company morale. Your own company should plan for several training programs over the course of each business year to keep rules and safety procedures fresh in everyone’s mind. These can be related to employee performance, software applications, or employee safety. Follow training with implementation steps into the overall business system. For business owners this can be the most gratifying part of their investment in company training. 

Types of Company Training to Consider
Take a look at what kind of trainings need to be completed in your type of business. When you have an outline of what needs to be done, you can create a schedule to implement these lessons faster. It could be teaching a new technology system for improved productivity, or even twice a year inclusion and diversity trainings for better safety and tolerance in the workplace. Asses what is missing in your company and schedule out the best way to implement it.

Performance Learning

An in depth assessment and evaluation of employee performance may indicate a need for human resources training programs to upgrade the current system you have in place. For many businesses, human resources training programs help employees understand the connection of their job functions to the success of the company. In addition, human resources training programs can also provide current data on major company policies. Find ways to help employees integrate smoother processes and have them add in tips of their own.

Technology Training
When businesses upgrade their computer systems, there is most always a need for training to avoid delays in implementing new software applications. Business owners prefer to have their new systems up and running without downtime. You should begin training in phases from the software applications that are used most frequently, to those used less frequently to avoid a reduction in employee productivity. See if IT professionals, while setting up the new programs can teach employees what’s being changed, and how to better understand the new systems.

Safety Training System
One of the easiest systems to incorporate into your company trainings is safety. All businesses require a safety policy that employees understand and can rely on. HAZWOPER training is an absolute necessity in most large industrial facilities, since industrial facilities that produce hazardous waste from their processes are required by OSHA to provide safety training to all employees.  It’s also one of the easiest of training systems for employees to understand and implement immediately with help from online programs like National Environmental Trainers. This course of training can be divided into two hour sessions over the course of four weeks. It is required that all employees in training sessions be documented and the documentation retained by the business. 

For employees, company training is essential to keep them informed and proactively involved in the overall business. The easiest system to incorporate into your company training is the one that is planned out and scheduled ahead of time.