As originally published on Data Center Frontier

imgresThe blue-lit corridors of Equinix colocation centers will soon be getting a new look. Seeking further gains in energy efficiency, Equinix is adopting a new data center design that reworks its approach to cooling.

The new design embraces aisle containment and recent advances in cooling, and will debut in Equinix data center projects that come online in 2017. The company expects these new facilities to be its most efficient yet, while providing a consistent experience for customers.

The new design is the latest chapter in the colocation industry’s effort to become better stewards of electricity and water use. As the economy shifts to digital delivery models, data centers are emerging as key engines of the global economy.

That’s especially true for Equinix, which is the world’s largest colocation provider. The company operates 10 million square feet of data center space in 145 facilities spread across 40 countries.

Over the past year the company has sharpened its focus on sustainability, committing to the use of renewable energy across its global platform. At the same time, it has been developing plans for an even more energy-friendly data center design.

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