Dani Kate, spokesperson for Riello UPS, says

UPS or uninterruptible power system’s primary function is to deliver a dependable supply voltage using a power source (generally battery) for a momentary period. The data centre environment today, continues to grow and is very much concerned about maintaining them in these increasingly dense computing environments. The need was felt as digital equipment these days run at tremendous frequencies of gigahertz and a slight disturbance in the electrical supply can affect thousands or millions of basic operations. Consequently, this malfunction could lead to loss of data and have an adverse impact on the entire organizations’ operations. Therefore, uninterruptible power supply can have an overwhelming bearing on your organizational facilities as well as on your organization as whole such as it –

Facilitates Hardware Protection

Protects Data from Losing and Corruption

Protects Continuity of Service

In the quest for finding the right UPS for the datacentre, you should always keep in mind that it should be able to meet the current and future needs of your organization and be able to optimize the performance of your facilities. In consequence to above discussion, following are some pertinent points that will delve into the importance of UPS systems deeper –

  • Regulation:

An efficient UPS systems’ presence cannot be denied by the fact if your organization is not affected at all by 24/7/365 regular power supply. You still need to provide a backchannel support to your facilities in times of exigencies such as fluctuations. In such a scenario, it regulates power from a constantly fluctuating grid. The negligence in this could seriously impact the functioning of your electrical equipment consisting of several important and confidential data.

  • Avoid a catastrophic situation from recurrence:

Already seen a situation like this before? If proper maintenance plan is already in place, it can help save the data centre from serious outages and serious financial losses.

  • Permanent Solution to Temporary Outages:

Due to evolving power requirements, excessive spending on building huge infrastructure is of no use when reliable and affordable UPS systems are available in the market. These UPS systems have the requisite load that will protect from blackouts and other electricity problems.

  • Extremely High Availability:

With increasing popularity of efficient datacentre UPS systems, it is important that the level of uninterruptible power supply is maintained. The UPS manufacturers are producing compact and versatile systems that are flexible and are able to adopt and integrate with all kinds of load and generators respectively.

  • Green UPS System:

With people becoming more concerned for the environment, it is essential that manufacturers keep customer’s preference in mind. They are now producing eco-friendly green UPS systems which consume low energy and provide best energy efficiency simultaneously. Certain leading industry manufacturers work relentlessly to produce such energy efficient products that have least environmental impact. Installing such systems will produce negligible carbon footprint and ensure green workspace.

There are several providers of datacentre UPS system in India catering to the ever-increasing demands of industry. Though the importance has been enlisted above, but before purchasing do a thorough research of the market on the best UPS system provider.