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MEF just released a pair of new white papers to help businesses understand carrier Ethernet service assurance.

Assurance is a foundational element of widely-deployed MEF CE 2.0 (carrier Ethernet) services. It’s very important, especially when considering the widespread business migration to dynamic Third Network services over combined virtual and physical networks powered by technologies, such as LSO (Lifecycle Service Orchestration), SDN, and NFV technologies.

MEF’s white papers provide a comprehensive overview on assurance and performance monitoring best practices across MEF’s body of work. MEF published them to enable service providers to deliver high-value CE services that are fully assured, and to help them provide the service quality that is required to succeed in today’s competitive carrier-to-carrier and competitive business service markets.

Here is a look at both white papers:

White Paper Part I: An Introduction to Service Assurance and Carrier Ethernet Service Performance Attributes

This white paper explores assurance and performance monitoring within the context of CE 2.0 services and addresses the evolving role of performance management with respect to LSO and the Third Network vision.

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