Europe has seen a tremendous growth in data centre development causing the demand in data centre components to rise. The constraints in the supply chain are causing a significant impact in the building process. The cost of raw materials are consistently rising causing data centre operators to be at a standstill when looking to find the right aisle containment and caging solutions for their data centre facilities. With this problem arising, a European based provider for data centre solutions has decided to own and operate its own manufacturing facility. 

Datalec Precision Installations (DPI) announced its latest investment in a wholly owned subsidiary that will deliver hot and cold aisle containment and caging solutions. This manufacturing plant is managed by Yuriy Vasylkivskyy and is 35,000 square feet with a plan to operate 24/7 based on the increasing demand for data centre components. This manufacturing plant has extreme benefits for the European data centre market. The reason being it can lessen the overall impact of a supply chain known to be under pressure. With Datalec purchasing raw material in advance they are able to manage the product cost accordingly for the end-user. This ACCS manufacturing plant adds to the array of qualities that Datalec strives for, constant pursuit of perfection and customer satisfaction. 

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