image0015/23/2016 (Aurora, OH) – LayerZero Power Systems, Inc. has announced the release of the Series 70: eRPP-SL2 Slim Remote Power Panel.  The eRPP-SL2 distributes electrical power, maximizes the effectiveness of available critical space, and increases operator safety.   The eRPP-SL2 requires a small footprint, permitting space-saving mounting configurations for up to 336 poles in two floor tiles.  LayerZero’s eRPP-SL2 includes Zen DPQM™ with advanced power quality monitoring capabilities, including real-time waveform capture.

eRPP-SL2 Offers Space Saving Configurations

eRPP-SL2 (1)The LayerZero eRPP-SL2 cabinet can be mounted free-standing or on a wall, with feeder cables located below the tile. Space-saving mounting clustering options for eRPP-SL2 include Single-Mount, Double (Back-To-Back), Double (Side-To-Side), Triple (Back-To-Back + Single Side), Quadruple (Back-to-Back + Two Sides).  A single eRPP-SL2 provides 84 poles and utilizes half a floor tile, and a quadruple configuration provides 384 poles and requires two tiles.  The eRPP-SL2 is a space saving opportunity to facilitate high-density distribution.

Designed For Operator Safety

LayerZero’s eRPP-SL2 is designed for operator safety, containing no exposed live parts and using a sectionalized, front-only design.  The outer cabinet of the eRPP-SL2 contains a hinged door with a polycarbonate window.  The eRPP-SL2 has two dead-front inner doors, two SafePanel™ panel boards, and a hinged door protecting exposure to the inputs.  The hinged door outside of the inputs is equipped with an InSight™ IR Porthole, allowing the bolted connections to be IR scanned with the door closed.  In addition, the SafePanel is finger safe (IP-20), and includes protective covers for unused panel slots.  LayerZero Power Systems optionally provides circuit breaker shrouds to conceal the load side connection of circuit breakers.

eRPP-SL2 Increases Power Reliability

The Series 70: eRPP-SL2 is designed to provide outstanding power reliability, delivering selective-trip coordinated power distribution with high-speed, current-limiting circuit breakers.  Connections to eRPP-SL2 are brush silver plated to provide excellent conductivity.  In addition, eRPP-SL2 utilizes machined hardware so that bolted connections are maintenance-free.

Advanced Power Quality Monitoring Capabilities

Zen DPQM (Distribution Power Quality Monitoring) is included with the eRPP-SL2.  Zen DPQM provides real-time power quality monitoring capabilities, such as metering and waveform capture, and makes power quality monitoring information available on a local display or remotely.  Local display options include an LCD membrane or color touch screen GUI interface.  Zen DPQM connects via Modbus/TCP, SNMP, http, and wirelessly with Bluetooth.

For applications that require maximization of available critical facility space while maintaining the highest reliability, eRPP-SL2 provides an ideal solution.  For more information please visit

LayerZero Power Systems was founded in 2001, and designs and manufactures best-in-class power distribution solutions for critical industries.