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protecting-critical-equipment-in-earthquakeEarthquake scientists gathered at the National Earthquake Conference early this month to share the latest on seismic news, best practices and technologies. A major consensus was that the San Andreas Fault is long overdue for a major earthquake as big as magnitude 8.

A big earthquake like this causes billions in damage, and Southern California residents and businesses should start preparing, experts advice.  Critical Network Equipment Must be Safe

When it comes to data center planning, it is much easier to prepare for the next earthquake, than to predict when it will happen. This is especially important in telecommunications and equipment rooms and data centers that cannot afford to be offline or are not backed up at a secondary location.

Selecting the right infrastructure products for your data center is crucial in order to get the most protection for servers, switches and cables. Specialized equipment and accessories such as racks, cabinets and bracing help minimize excessive motion that may cause undue strain on cable and network connections.

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