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As we gear up to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, it’s time to gather all things green in honor of the patron saint of Ireland. Green clothes, green accessories and perhaps even a few four-leaf clovers; it is the luckiest holiday on the calendar after all.

But Ireland isn’t just green by aesthetic or name, it’s green by nature too; 26% of the energy it produced in 2016 came from renewable sources and it was recognised as having the third highest wind penetration in the world. The green isle has set itself the ambitious target of having 40% of all its energy generate from renewable sources by 2020, which will make Ireland one of the greenest energy producers in Europe.

Ireland’s clean energy drive is a decisive factor for organisations that want to operate their data centres in the most efficient and responsible manner.

At Interxion, we’re proud to support Ireland’s sustainability goals by using 100% renewable energy, mostly wind energy, throughout all three of our data centres in Dublin. Our latest addition in the capital, DUB3, will provide around 2,300 square metres (24,756 square feet) of equipped space and 5 megawatts of customer power – using only renewable energy.

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