Dani Kate, spokesperson for Riello UPS, says: 

For any IT infrastructure, datacenter lies at the core. There are several providers of datacenter UPS systems in India. This is due to the fact that a datacenter is home to enormous vital information which makes it all the more important to have a regular maintenance procedure. Not long ago, there was a time when most data center managers failed to realize that uninterruptible power supply systemsdo not sit idle. UPS systems thus, have a crucial role to play in preventing a catastrophic event. Spending time and energy on maintaining the units will only benefit the customers. You should resort to proactive maintenance approach by regular checkups which ensures that your UPS continues to function without interruption well in advance. This small piece of advice is generally adopted by organizations due to –

  • WORKAROUND TIME 24*7*365 –

An uninterruptible power supply system is not allowed to have a pause even for a second. It has to work non-stop without fail because it is tasked with regulating power from a constantly fluctuating grid. The operational efficiency is to be maintained even at the hour of blackouts occurring due to any reason. A minutes’ non functionality could run businesses into millions of losses.


Several studies point to the fact that a proactive maintenance approach could have prevented organizations from running into losses. These reports illustrate that majority of the times, data center outages occur due to UPS failure. Thus, proper maintenance of uninterruptible power supply systems is crucial for your organization.


The UPS design and make is complicated which the common man cannot understand. Also, it is not advisable to perform repairs all by yourself because repairing could be dangerous to the common man. The device would be functional during the maintenance. Therefore, make use of the services of the person who knows the UPS inside-out and oversees your unit.


A preventive maintenance approach for your power system can ensure optimal performance and efficiency. A complete overhaul will include re-examination of unit, batteries, resistors, capacitors, fans, wiring, semi-conductors, breakers etc. A thorough test will generate –

  • a report on the unit
  • monitor wear
  • replace necessary filters
  • ensure that all parts are in place

All those with traditional notions of not ‘wasting’ their time on repair and maintenance of ups systems must’ve now understood the importance of it. You can buy UPS systems from any of the uninterruptible power supply manufacturers in Indiabut regular servicing of UPS or should take regular AMC of ups for increasing the  Shelf-life of a UPS system

Therefore, for a UPS to function effectively, it is pertinent that you should schedule regular appointments with an expert.