– Vishal Gupta, CEO and founder of Seclore, says:

Intellectual Property (IP), as would be expected, is an extremely important component for any successful engineering organization. Should such IP get leaked, the organization in question could lose industry respect, income, and its overall competitive advantage.

Larsen and Toubro, better known as L&T, a much-respected engineering organization based out of India, boasts its Electrical and Electronics Division (EBG) as one of its core business divisions. Specializing in the manufacturing of electrical systems, energy meters, automation solutions, medical equipment and petroleum dispensing pumps, L&T’s EBG engineers have focused on leading the industry in plastic design, achieving particular quality in plastic moldings and other design secrets.

While the EBG division had some security measurements already in place, there was a gap between what was wanted by the organization and what was available in the market. L&T explored various alternate security measures and considered Information Rights Management (IRM) as a viable solution. L&T further studied various IRM solutions for their strengths and weakness.

During its extensive research, L&T EBG came across Seclore’s FileSecure, an IRM solution that had what L&T considered several strengths over other competitive offerings in the IRM space. Seclore’s FileSecure offered protection for more than 115 document formats, protected information by defining, implementing and auditing usage rights, allowing owners of documents to control usage of documents before and even long after the documents have been circulated. Shared documents can be controlled for ‘who’ has access to the documents; ‘what’ the person can do with the documents (view, edit, print, forward);’when’ the person can use them; ‘where’ (in the office, at home) can they use them. Since security travels with information, the protection stays even after information moves out of the organization’s boundaries, with the protection rights able to be changed at any time.

After comparing Seclore FileSecure with a host of other IRM solutions, L&T’s EBG division came to the conclusion that Seclore’s FileSecure satisfied all of L&T’s security requirements, and proceeded to implement a pilot project to evaluate its effectiveness in actual production environment.

Within 10 days, L&T’s EBG division was more than satisfied with the results and went live with Seclore FileSecure. Since L&T already had a classification system in place due to SAP implementation, getting Seclore FileSecure on board meant that all L&T had to do was extend the security of classification by defining and implementing usage rights, as in who can do what, when and where. L&T EBG then installed the Seclore FileSecure client on 200 machines and offered protection rights to seven users, with more on the horizon.

Based on L&T EBG’s satisfaction with Seclore FileSecure, the company plans to create policies for IRM and is proposing to extend usage of FileSecure beyond engineering IP all the way to purchasing processes. L&T EBG also has started to use FileSecure to secure tender documents and requests for proposals with IRM policies to control when these can be accessed, and is in the process of extending usage of Seclore FileSecure to other divisions besides EBG, including marketing and production.