– Dan Ushman, CMO & Co-Founder of SingleHop, says:

The rise of cloud capabilities allowed many businesses to take a quantum leap forward, shifting processing workloads to virtual resources to scale up without hefty infrastructure investments, often times with no infrastructure investment at all. In doing so, they convert upfront capital expenses (which must be depreciated over time for tax purposes) to straight operating expenses which can be written off.

But, despite the operational and financial benefits, many organizations have been unable to take full advantage of virtualization because of difficulties balancing their computing resource needs with their desire for privacy and organizational support requirements. 

The launch of the SingleHop Public Cloud is about to change everything: Built to meet the real-time requirements of organizations of any size, the SingleHop Public Cloud delivers the full enterprise-class Cloud experience with the reliability, user control, direct 24×7 professional support and instant scalability. Levering the VMware vCloud® Suite’s legendary capabilities, the SingleHop Public Cloud allows users to take full advantage of the Cloud. That means they can add or subtract computing resources in seconds, deploy workloads instantly and do so in an enterprise-class environment.

Several features make the SingleHop Public Cloud the most flexible enterprise-grade cloud resource in the industry. One standout feature is the hourly payment structure, which allows organizations to match resources with demand in real-time and pay only for services used. This leads into the next feature, AutoScaling. Users can create AutoScaling rules to automatically increase or decrease resources allocated to their cloud servers based on their exact usage. That means that a business can now plan ahead of time for increased demand and enjoy the peace-of-mind of not having to predict the future ahead of time. That’s good, since most businesses don’t have crystal balls for future demand, and all it takes is one TV mention or article to cause an otherwise debilitating traffic spike. Nothing is worse than your website crashing at the exact moment you’re getting much needed, free publicity.  

The SingleHop Public Cloud replaces industry-standard local storage with a fully redundant, SAN-based cloud storage solution. This facilitates automatic failover protection, aka High Availability, so if a cloud server fails, the system automatically deploys a new one with the same storage allocation, eliminating data transfer and resource reconfiguration delays. The entire failover process takes seconds, not minutes, preventing even a small impact on business.  Automated load balancing functions efficiently handle traffic between multiple cloud servers, and SingleHop’s advanced LEAP Control Panel lets users direct resources anytime using a PC, iPhone or Android device.

SingleHop, a global leader in highly automated hosting and infrastructure services, gives customers the power to deploy virtual resources up to five times faster than ever before. VMware technology allows users to create a template of any server or group of servers to revert or replicate as needed, and the service supports Windows and Linux operating systems.

To learn more about the VMware-powered SingleHop Public Cloud with advanced support, please visit http://www.singlehop.com/cloud-hosting/public-cloud.php