– Suresh Chandrasekaran, Senior VP North American at Denodo, says:

While much of the industry is currently focusing on agile Business Intelligence and Logical Data Warehouses (LDW), Denodo and its global customers are proving that Data Virtualization and Linked Data Services are the only way to enable the agile development of connected applications across the enterprise, the web, in the cloud, and mobile platforms.  The new version, Denodo Platform 5.0, is very compelling because it is the first application that opens Data Virtualization for both Agile Business Intelligence and Agile Development of Connected Applications. 

So why is this important?  It all boils down to enablement as it relates to big data, cloud and unstructured sources, and this solution really lays the foundation for the next generation of data virtualization and linked data services.  Denodo Platform 5.0 enables business users to consume data entities as easily as browsing the Web; developers to leverage agile app development by using linked data as fully RESTful services in XML, JSON or other formats that are consumed in the apps they build; and enterprise information managers can use any data modeling tool to query the platform and discover entities and relationships or linked data in the virtual data layer.  Responding to the direct needs of customers Denodo’s latest solution includes:

  • Agile BI and logical data warehouse solutions benefit from improved source connectivity to traditional, analytical and NoSQL data sources, new performance optimizations, and a new state-of-the-art caching system, backed by scheduled pre-fetch and data movement/ETL when needed.
  • Agile application development becomes dramatically easier with Linked Data Services. In its RESTful form, it also improves the user experience for mobile and cloud apps by enabling individuals to search, query, or browse real-time information seamlessly across the enterprise.
  • Improved Hadoop and NoSQL connectivity and abstraction enables advanced analytics that are typically locked in these complex platforms to be exposed across the enterprise for expanded uses.
  • Unified Data Governance brings top-down and bottom-up virtual models together enabling contract-first development which can be integrated with top data quality and data management tools to deliver the most granular and customizable data services security available today.

 With so many business systems emerging and migrating to the cloud, reusable Linked Data Services are becoming critical to increasing business agility.  Denodo recognized this growing trend and developed Denodo Platform 5.0 with a unified data layer that enables organizations to broaden and scale their use of Data Virtualization.  In fact, leading global customers are using it today for Logical Data Warehouses, Agile & Self-service BI, embedded product analytics; big data & cloud abstraction for enterprise; and to integrate unstructured and semi-structured information with enterprise data.
About the Author

Suresh Chandrasekaran is Senior VP North American at Denodo, a leader in Data Virtualization.  For more information contact the author at suresh@denodo.com or visit www.denodo.com.