“The digital world spins faster each day” says Chief Revenue Officer at Bluebird Network. Everyday digital transformation is taking place requesting faster, more reliable connectivity. Businesses are reliant on internet connectivity that is reliable so production doesn’t get slowed and profits aren’t lost. 

Bluebird Network is now supporting carrier-grade fiber internet, cloud access and data services to the SubTropolis Technology Center (STC) in Kansas City, Missouri. The partnership between LightEdge Solutions and Bluebird was made to support data-hungry businesses. Allowing Bluebird to continue to expand their network and communications infrastructure delivery and furthering their ability to empower local businesses. This partnership allows new and existing tenants within the SubTropolis to leverage Bluebird’s world-class fiber and the ability to connect LightEdge customers to other data centers. 

“We’ve been pursuing Bluebird for years” said Mike Bell, Senior VP of Hunt Midwest Real Estate Development. “It’s always good to have another carrier in STC allowing people to choose our location and it’s a testament to Bluebird’s network. It’s a win-win for both sides.” 

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