By Contributing Editor, Kathy Xu

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 6.52.13 AMData Center POST recently sat down with Deutscher Commercial Internet Exchange (DE-CIX) North America’s Vice President, Ed d’Agostino, to discuss the keys behind the company’s exponential grown in the past two years. Mr. d’Agostino also provided insight into DE-CIX’s new Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) solution.

DE-CIX is the leading global Internet exchange operator. The company provides the most advanced 100G interconnection platforms in the world, as well as access to over 100 networks, shorter routes to networks in the New York / New Jersey metros, reduced costs for IP transit, full control over IP traffic flow, and enhanced Internet performance quality on networks. According to Mr. d’Agostino, the keys to DE-CIX’s success are its robust network, ability to provide local ports, and connectivity to virtually any network as well as sizable data center in the New York market.

A key focus for DE-CIX this year is launching additional services on top of its core peering product. The company recently introduced its new VLAN service, enabling its customers to peer in two DE-CIX locations with just one port — Frankfurt (the largest peering exchange in the world) and New York. The offering provides existing DE-CIX customers that want to increase connectivity without necessarily investing in large-scale solutions and new network deployments with more peering options and better performance. It also mitigates the challenges and headaches associated with signing additional carrier contracts, managing several provider relationships, and ordering multiple ports. With DE-CIX VLAN, customers get a quality connection on diverse pipes with a remote port and participate in each respective exchange as if they had their own transport or Point of Presence (PoP) in that location.

When it comes to future development, DE-CIX would like to add more niche services as well as drive further geographic expansion. The company currently has its sights set on Dallas, and will be looking to bring on other buildings as time goes on to increase connectivity as well as expand its geographic footprint. DE-CIX will also be looking to expand its reseller partnerships in order to provide customers with connectivity to markets that is does not yet have a presence in.

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