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The internet has become a powerful tool for many industries, including gaming. With the rise of online streaming platforms and communities, gaming companies have connected with their target audiences in new and innovative ways. In 2015, Swarmio Media was founded as a global gaming & esports technology and media company that provides solutions purpose-built to support the growth of gaming & esports communities, enterprises, and developers.

In a recent podcast interview, Ilissa Miller, President of NEDAS and CEO of iMiller Public Relations, talked with Vijai Karthigesu, Founder and CEO of Swarmio Media, about their E-sports and telecom solutions through their Ember hub. Karthigesu discussed how Swarmio helps gaming companies turn their community into users, saying: “We help brands drive real results by establishing deep connections with gaming & esports communities and fans through online and offline experiences.”

According to Karthigesu, Swarmio provides a branded platform that gives companies all the tools they need to grow, engage, and monetize their community. He also discussed how telecom operators, enterprises, and video gaming communities use their technology solutions to engage and monetize their gamer base.

Swarmio’s solution helps companies connect to the $1.7 billion Esports market, with 3 billion gamers and 500 million esports viewers. With the help of Swarmio, companies can create a deeper connection with their target audience and establish a more engaged community. This is done through the Ember hub. Karthigesu went on to talk about the various components of the Ember hub and what they do.

The first component is the community management system. This system helps companies manage their community and keep track of all the members through user profiles, user groups, and user interactions. Through the community management system, companies can track all their data and segment their users. Karthigesu said, “It’s really the beating heart of the Ember platform because it helps you track all your data, helps you segment your users, and then message them in a very targeted way.” 

The second component is the engagement & monetization engine. This engine is designed to help companies engage with their community and monetize their gamer base. Karthigesu said, “It’s really a suite of tools that helps you drive more value from your gaming & esports communities.” This is done through challenges, achievements, rewards, and micro-transactions. 

The third component is the Developer Portal. This portal provides developers with all the tools they need to create and manage their gaming & esports communities through the use of templates, themes, and plugins. Karthigesu said, “It’s a set of APIs and SDKs that helps developers quickly launch their own branded community platforms.” 

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