By Community Manager Jamie White

Paul Hoesly is the CFO of Potawatomi Business Development Corporation and serves as the CFO for its subsidiary investment company, Data Holdings a data center provider offering Tier III+ best-in-class technologies and systems in Milwaukee, WI. Paul directs financial operations for PBDC and all of its operating companies, which in addition to Data Holdings includes Greenfire Management Services, Redhawk Network Security, Wgema  Leasing and more. Paul works closely with the executive management team on the execution of all aspects of the Company’s strategic plans. He also plays a very active role in the day to day management of Data Holdings’ business and operations. Paul has a bachelor’s degree in accounting from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and holds an Executive MBA with an International Business Specialization from Marquette University.

We recently caught up with Paul to discuss hot trends currently happening in the data center space, specifically how it relates to Potawatomi’s Data Holdings facility in Milwaukee. 

Data Center POST, Jamie White (DCP-JW) Question: What are the important trends you are seeing in the data center space?  

Potawatomi Business Development Corporation (PBDC-PH) Answer: It seems to me that important trends are edge computing, maintaining the great services we can provide for Power, Space, Cooling and Connectivity, enabling our customers to get to connections faster. 

DCP-JW Q: In your opinion, what are buyer’s most interested in when looking at data centers? Some examples would be cloud connectivity, network connectivity, space/power, density, or energy efficiency. 

PBDC-PH A: Cost, reliability, dependability, and connection speed for critical applications.

DCP-JW Q: What is a use case scenario that your facility and services are best used for? 

PBDC-PH A: Primary and Secondary Data Storage and Connectivity solutions for businesses. 

DCP-JW Q: Thank you so much for your time, Paul. To learn more about Potawatomi Business Development Corporation, please visit, to learn about their Tier-III+ data center facility in Milwaukee, WI please visit:  You can also learn more about Data Holdings through the Independent Data Center Alliance which the company joined in the Fall of 2019: