maincubes Shares Insights on Data Center Industry Trends with Data Center POST

By Community Manager Jamie White

Antje Tauchmann is the Head of Marketing for maincubes, a carrier-neutral, high-availability data center operator in Frankfurt and Amsterdam, which is also part of the medium-sized Zech Group, Bremen. Antje has been responsible for operational marketing and corporate communications since 2017 and just a year later was appointed to the board of the GERMAN DATACENTER ASSOCIATION. Antje brings an extensive background to maincubes which includes publishing production, engineering, managing, and communications in the areas of health, travel, and IT. maincubes, founded in 2012 and headquartered in Frankfurt am Main, is part of the German investor and real estate developer Art-Invest. maincubes is known for its network of high-availability data centers of various sizes and types in Europe, enabling it to provide colocation services and secure ecosystems for the digital future of customers across various industries. Via the secureexchange®  digital platform customers and partners of maincubes can use IT services worldwide such as IoT, (cyber) security and connectivity as well as cloud services to expand their business opportunities. maincubes offers secure, efficient and user-friendly services – and a secure home for data. 

We recently reached out to maincubes to discuss shifting trends in the data center market, how maincubes makes the grade for the customers interested in these trends. 

Data Center POST, Jamie White (DCP-JW) Question: What trends are you seeing in the data center space?  

maincubes, Antje Tauchmann (maincubes-AT) Answer: Well one big highlight we’ve seen recently is the acquisition of Interxion by Digital Realty, but we’re waiting to see what will happen in the European market as a result. The biggest challenge in the data center space will be ensuring that the ability to meet energy demand is 100% guaranteed. Right now, we’re facing a mammoth task with this as a result of climate change and the rapidly growing demand for data center services.

DCP-JW Q: In your opinion, what are buyer’s most interested in when looking at data centers? Some examples would be cloud connectivity, network connectivity, space/power, density, or energy efficiency. 

maincubes-AT A: Customers are very interested in hybrid cloud solutions.

DCP-JW Q: What is a use case scenario that your facility and services are best used for? 

maincubes-AT A: Our locations are perfectly suited for cloud providers (Tier 2) and Small and Mid-sized Enterprises 

DCP-JW Q: Thank you so much for your time, Antje. Your European expansion of highly redundant datacenters is certainly impressive, to say the least. The future of data centers has arrived with your focus on sustainable operations in the plans for the next maincubes datacenter in the Frankfurt Rhine-Main area in Germany. Climate protection and customer requirements are, obviously, taken seriously at maincubes with “state-of-the-art” architecture, materials and technologies. maincubes offers 100% carbon-neutral operations, contributing significantly to climate protection in the IT sector and the rooms are adapted to customer requirements, giving companies the opportunity to design their colocation environment according to their individual needs. Keeping this in mind, maincubes stated it can thus guarantee efficient cost allocation enabling customers not only to benefit from significant savings but also the sustainability of this data center. We can look forward to inspiring advancements at maincubes and continued growth for many years to come. 

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