By DCP Community Manager Jamie White 

Only a year ago, Telxius began operation of two of the highest-capacity submarine cables in the world, providing the lowest latency (200 Tbps) between Europe and the Americas while also sharing a landing point in Virginia, the highest concentration of data centers in the world. However, their ambition didn’t end there. Telxius has now launched its purpose-built, interconnection-rich, Derio communications hub, strategically located in the north of Spain. It is only a few kilometers away from subsea cable MAREA’s landing point, offering the lowest latency and highest capacity ever deployed between America and Europe. This impressive new launch is designed to fit the needs of every carrier, hyperscale, and cloud and content provider by offering TIER III specifications, 200Tbps of transmission, 138 Tbps subsea cable, an environmentally friendly and certified 100% renewable energy building with free cooling, and a modular design to accommodate customers’ needs with a cost-effective path for growth. This launch exemplifies the meaning of superior as it’s a well thought out design opens up the floodgate for communication between continents. 

As a result of these efforts, Telxius is celebrating their new office opening in Tysons Corner, Virginia on December 10, 2019.

Fortifying Telxius’ efforts connecting North America with Europe is the company’s relationship with NJFX, a tier-III data center located at the landing point of a number of subsea cable systems.  Telxius announced that it has joined forces with NJFX to increase global connectivity options with the First-Ever Dual Cable Landing Station Terrestrial Connection supporting over 500 terabits per second of transmission capacity. Head of Sales, Gerardo Bonilla explained it perfectly when he said, “Telxius, as a world-class communications infrastructure company, is keen to enable the interconnection of two key cable landing stations in the US, offering the strategic ability of network protection at the subsea cable level.” This new DCLS connects NJFX CLS in Wall, NJ to Telxius facilities at the CLS in Virginia Beach, VA increasing access to a total of four subsea cables that will exceed 500 Tbps of transmission. “We are proud to be the catalyst of the first-ever CLS to CLS terrestrial route,” states Gil Santaliz, CEO of NJFX. Telxius CLS campus features connections with several independent US fiber-based backhaul providers enabling access to other advanced subsea cables that will be completed soon. The future of global connectivity is here and Telxius is bringing the boom!   

Congratulations on the great work Telxius is doing to keep our world connected.  To learn more, visit

About Telxius
Telxius is a global communications infrastructure company within the Telefónica Group, with an extensive portfolio of cable and tower assets.  Telxius owns and operates an 87,000 km international network of high capacity fiber optic subsea cables, including the two highest capacity systems in the world, MAREA and BRUSA.  The company’s global cable network is set to increase to 100,000 km by 2021, furthering its place as an instrumental player in the global telecommunications industry. Telxius has a broad 17,550 tower portfolio, being the leading tower company in Spain, Germany, Peru and Argentina and a main provider in Brazil and Chile.  Telxius is committed to providing flexible solutions to businesses, building collaborative partnerships across the industry and enabling global connectivity for organizations that span a broad range of industries and verticals. To learn more about Telxius, visit