David Crump, Marketing Communications Manager at Opto 22 (www.opto22.com), says:

Data centers are large facilities that include a huge assortment of servers and other computer hardware. Keeping this equipment operating and the facility up and running 24/7 is certainly of the utmost importance, but meeting the power requirements to accomplish this can be incredibly expensive.

OPTO 22’s OptoEMU Sensor is designed for maintenance engineers, facilities managers, business owners, energy consultants, and others looking for ways to better understand and reduce energy consumption. The Sensor can be implemented in these data centers to offer far more than a simple snapshot of the data center’s total power usage presented on a local PC or operator interface terminal. Instead, the Sensor is able to identify the individual power draw of the specific loads of specific equipment, then communicate this data over standard IP-based networks where it can be easily accessed and viewed in both tabular and graphical formats either locally, or over the web via third party applications like Google PowerMeter and Pulse Energy’s Pulse.

After studying their energy data, data center managers will have the information they need to enact procedural and operational changes that lower utility bills. They also have the option to easily expand the OptoEMU Sensor’s capabilities to add equipment management and control functions.

Opto 22’s OptoEMU Sensor is an energy monitoring and data acquisition hardware appliance that lets commercial and industrial customers acquire real time power consumption data from facility systems, machines, equipment and metering devices in real time and with minimal configuration. The Sensor also provides the interfaces needed to quickly and easily view and share this data over standard wired and wireless networks and the internet so it can be archived, presented, analyzed, and used to develop effective energy management strategies that reduce costs.

Opto 22’s philosophy of “open-ness” makes the company unique. All Opto 22 products (including the OptoEMU Sensor) are built on open, standard, ubiquitous, and well-understood information and communications technologies and protocols, such as IP; analog, digital, and serial signal processing; and serial, Ethernet, wireless LAN, and cellular communication. This standards-based approach allows Opto 22 products to exist in a wide variety of industrial and business architectures and perform with the power and reliability Opto 22 components are known for industry-wide. Opto is perhaps best known for the incredible reliability and durability of its products, which are used by automation end-users, OEMs, and information technology and operations personnel in over 10,000 installations worldwide.