Ha Le, Project Manager of the Marketing Action Group with SECUDE International (www.secude.com), says:

Common remote management issues.
Cost to configure (i.e., you may need a consultant to deploy and configure). Most smaller companies don’t have the money to pay or don’t want to. Additionally, many companies charge for a management console (which is required to use remote management) separately. This makes it more difficult for companies to afford data encryption technologies.

The Finally Secure Management Console.
Our console makes it easier to manage hard drive encryption. It can do mass deployment of both hardware- and software-based encryption. It can also address many security management needs such as encryption key management, remote deployment and decommissioning. The management console is also flexible enough to integrate with a company’s existing it management solution. Data center/IT managers benefit from this solution because it’s an easier security management experience. It’s flexible enough to work in different it landscapes.