Alan Murphy, Senior Technical Marketing Manager at F5 Networks (, says:

Cloudbursting. Cloudbursting means that applications and services are dynamically provisioned in the cloud based on need, consumed in the cloud by users, and then de-provisioned after the need goes away. Cloudbursting a compelling model and driver for cloud computing. It is a true use case for a real-world hybrid cloud architecture. One key area to consider before building a burst-able cloud architecture is the user.

User. The core driver for most cloudbursting solutions is continued access to an application or service for end-users. As demand for that application or service increases, local resources become depleted resulting in a lower quality user experience and ultimately a denial of service. By bursting the application or service into the cloud, an enterprise can scale that service to meet demand as needed, providing a near limitless pool of resource to maintain user experience. Knowing how users are interacting with the application, and when, and from where, will enable more control over managing the burst event, resulting in a more predictable and manageable end-user experience.