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DartPoints, an owner and operator of edge colocation data centers, and TMGcore, the leader in two-phase liquid immersion high-powered compute technology, recently announced their partnership for the design, deployment and operation of high-density, scalable, efficient and modular compute infrastructure edge facilities. This collaboration enables DartPoints to deploy TMGcore’s OTTO platform, which features two-phase liquid immersion cooling technology, to create the most compact, high-density and low Power Usage Efficiency (PUE) design. In turn, this empowers the aggregation and interconnection of networks, content and applications at the edge.

TMGcore’s innovative two-phase liquid immersion cooling technology, OTTO, solves some of the most pressing challenges across the data center industry today: rising operating costs and growing concerns over environmental impact. This platform, at just a tenth of the size of a traditional data center solution, offers ten times more processing power and serves as a fully integrated power, cooling, racking, networking and management platform.

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