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The NEDAS Live! Podcast, featuring Ilissa Miller, President of NEDAS, CEO of iMiller Public Relations and co-founder of the IND-DCA; and Steve Yapsuga, Co-Chair of the NEDAS Advisory Council and North American Director of Sales for Comba Telecom, recently released its eighth episode. This episode welcomed Leticia Latino-vanSplunteren, CEO of Neptuno USA and member of both the Wireless Infrastructure Association and the Smart Cities Council Policy Task Force.

Leticia joined the program to discuss the evolution of the smart city movement, share the unique history of Neptuno USA and reveal the infrastructure investments that will be critical for making smart cities a reality. She also shared her thoughts about gender equality in the industry and discussed some of the people that she looks to as mentors.

The conversation began with Leticia noting that cities and businesses certainly are working toward smart initiatives. However, she asserts that the main challenge is a disconnect between the crucial efforts that are already in place. Leticia recalls that during her initial involvement and interest in smart cities, she would attend events and notice a lack of infrastructure vendors present. The industry tends to focus on what she calls the ‘sexy aspect’ or the sizzle of the idea of a smart future — the connected cars, insightful measurements, powerful apps and beyond. However, the piece that is missing is the infrastructure that could really make these smart city capabilities a reality and deliver on those promises. 

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