Bulk Fiber Networks, the Nordic’s leading provider of ultra-scalable, highly connected, sustainable digital infrastructure and fiber networks, has completed the construction of the terrestrial segment of its new, high fiber-count system, HAVSIL. This high-capacity system will serve as the main fiber route for international data traffic between Norway and continental Europe, doubling the total capacity existing over any other subsea system into Norway. Bulk’s HAVSIL system will provide unlimited capacity to OTT networks, hyperscalers, enterprises and carriers. 

Arelion, formerly Telia Carrier, will be the first to transit international data and services utilizing the new HAVSIL system. This express route has 192 fibers and connects Bulk Infrastructure’s N01 Campus in Kristiansand, Norway and DK01 Campus in Esbjerg, Denmark. The HAVSIL route provides a low-latency, diverse path while avoiding the currently congested legacy routes. Bulk’s HAVSIL system completes its data center-to-data center connectivity with a terrestrial segment connecting Esbjerg with multiple modern telehousing facilities along the route. Bulk’s HAVSIL subsea cable system is an unrepeated, high-capacity, express route that is now completed and ready for service. 

To learn more about Bulk Fiber Networks HAVSIL subsea fiber system, visit https://bulkinfrastructure.com/digital-infrastructure/fiber-networks/solutions.