DE-CIX and EllaLink reinforced their partnership which creates a robust intercontinental ecosystem connecting South America to Europe. The partnership enables DE-CIX to provide access to the largest carrier and data center neutral interconnection ecosystem in the World via the company’s Southern Europe IXs s in Lisbon, Madrid and Marseille.  

Through the partnership, EllaLink provides the terrestrial and subsea data transport, while Group IP Telecom enables connectivity from companies located in Brazil to EllaLink’s transport ecosystem to reach DE-CIX IXs in Europe. This connection enables access to 1,000’s of unique Internet service and content provider networks, as well as enterprise networks, connected to DE-CIX throughout Europe and the Middle East. A key factor across the route is latency. EllaLink’s connection between Latin America and Europe has improved latency across the Atlantic, decreasing it by close to 50% from +100 milliseconds to approximately 60 milliseconds compared to traditional routes. 

As latency is the new currency of today’s digitalized world, everything, everywhere, will ultimately be digital – and every millisecond counts when it comes to critical applications for different verticals, such as mobility, finance, and e-health. These markets share many similarities when it comes to culture, language, and the demands on the markets. Each of the three partners will contribute to a better internet experience for the end user. 

To learn more about DE-CIX, please visit https://www.de-cix.net