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EdgeConneXNo matter how fast you’re going on an expressway, it’s quicker to drive across the street than across the country.  The same rule applies to the Internet superhighway: when you need content quickly, the closer it is to you at the start, the faster it can be delivered.

With the rise of streaming entertainment in American homes, companies like Comcast and Netflix, whose business models rely on streaming quality content, quickly recognized that while their customers in NFL cities were receiving fast and reliable connectivity via the companies’ large data centers in Tier 1 markets, those in Tier 2 or 3 cities weren’t quite as lucky, having to settle for slow speeds and poor performance as data travelled across the country’s Internet exchanges to reach them.  Localization of data at the edge in order to bring it closer to end-users was the key to solving this problem.

Companies like EdgeConneX® lead innovation by bringing content to a new edge of the network.  The company has been deploying high-power, neutral data center facilities in a number of Tier 2 and 3 markets to provide end-users with faster content delivery and better performance, while also reducing latency and transit costs for content providers.  This cost-effective solution to enhanced performance was a breakthrough for the content delivery industry and quickly evolved to include not only MSOs, but the rest of the Internet community as well.

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