EdgeConnexThey say the universe is constantly expanding; that as light continues to travel further into the depths of space, the universe constantly pushes out the edges before it.  The same can be said about the Internet today.  As the volume of content traversing the networks grows and consumer viewing habits evolve to expect anytime, anywhere access, innovative companies and providers look to expanding the edge in order to meet growing demands for content at all corners of the world.  One such organization is EdgeConneX®, which specializes in designing, deploying and managing state-of-the-art Edge Data Centers® at the edge of the network.

For EdgeConneX, the push to the edge began with one request a few years ago.  During the advent of its X1 DVR with Cloud Technology, Comcast approached EdgeConneX with a complex conundrum: its customers at the other side of the country loved the technology, but were not receiving the high quality content and performance for which the company was known due to the distance, and as a result, Comcast’s business could potentially suffer.  With its small Edge Point of Presence (PoPs) distributed  across a national footprint, EdgeConneX was ideally positioned to solve the cable companies cost, performance and user experience issues.  The company localized content delivery through colocation in Tier 2 and 3 markets, bringing content closer to end-users to enable lower latency and fewer hops.  This deal was followed by another with one of the world’s top content providers, who later leveraged the organization for its neutral space and power.

In 2013, EdgeConneX introduced its very first Edge Data Center in Houston, Texas, and subsequently signed on major players within the broadband community across the U.S. as they built-out additional markets.  By creating a solution that lowers costs, enhances performance and provides high quality low latency service, EdgeConneX enabled superior content streaming throughout the nation, soon expanding its reach to 23 data centers throughout the United States by 2015.

EdgeConneX is now expanding internationally to Europe, further extending the Edge to address growing content delivery demands spurred by innovations such as the Internet of Things (IoT). As the world takes great strides toward total mobility and content everywhere, EdgeConneX is working to make it a reality one data center at a time.

To learn more about the shift towards the Edge and predictions for the future of the Internet industry, don’t miss EdgeConneX’s Chief Architect and VP of Innovation, Phill Lawson-Shanks, present on the Cloud IoT Roundtable at PTC’16, taking place Sunday, January 17 at 3:30 PM.

To request a meeting with the EdgeConneX team during PTC’16, please email edgeconnex@imillerpr.com.

To learn more about EdgeConneX, please visit www.edgeconnex.com.