Originally posted on Data Center Frontier by Rich Miller


SANTA CLARA, Calif. –  A tour of the 18-acre campus of Vantage Data Centers campus offers insights into the recent evolution of the data center industry. That’s especially true for the V2 building, the largest of the three data centers on the property.

In one area of V2, high-density hyperscale workloads are running atop redundant electric infrastructure. Within the same building is a lab environment featuring a non-redundant (N) power configuration.

The ability to support this diverse mix of workloads made 2015 a banner leasing year for Vantage, which is now building more data center space in Santa Clara and looking for opportunities to expand into new geographies.

“Last year was a record year for us in customer growth and leasing,” said Vantage CEO Sureel Choksi, who said the company has been able to match its infrastructure to the needs of increasingly discerning data center customers. “We went from a company that had great engineering to one that puts the customer first.”

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