Originally posted on Data Center Frontier by Rich Miller


As more customers seek data center space without backup generators or UPS support, service providers are developing products to meet this demand.

The “variable resiliency” use case may seem like an outlier at the moment, representing a small percentage of customers. But companies specializing in this niche predict that demand will grow as end users become more educated about third-party data center offerings.

An example can be found in Kevlavik, a rocky peninsula in the south of Iceland where a steady wind delivers cool air to data centers operated by Verne Global, where that air is filtered and used to cool IT equipment for companies from around the globe. The winds of change are reshaping the way customers use that power, which is changing how Verne builds its data centers.

Verne Global sees growing demand for its new PowerDIRECT offering, which provides data center space supported only by grid power. It continues to offer a traditional Tier III offering called Power ADVANCE.

“Companies can be very forward-thinking in their infrastructure,” said Tate Cantrell, Chief Technology Officer of Verne Global. “People really aren’t that concerned about the data center itself. They’re concerned with the products above the platform. We’re definitely seeing a pickup in demand for PowerDIRECT.”

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