Originally posted on Data Center Frontier


In  this week’s Voices of the Industry, Samir Shah of BASELAYER explains how today’s data centers are no longer simple compute environments, but rather complex systems tying together physical infrastructure to the applications we consume on daily basis. In essence, the data center houses the ‘Internet of Everything,’ making it a valuable technology asset.

Over the last year, many people have weighed in on how data center infrastructure will evolve to address the expanding appetite for content delivery along with the growing demand for billions of small information packets associated with the Internet of Things (IoT).

While traits like agile, sustainable, secure and software-defined are essential in the discussion, let’s consider how the data center will impact three major industry segments (1) Utility, (2) Telecommunication and (3) Colocation Service Providers. The goal is to outline how their choice in deployment model and technology will impact their ability to support today’s data/content explosion.

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