svsvsvdData centers are becoming larger and larger now, with the migration to the cloud. Businesses of all sizes are beginning to move their websites and data to third party venues, rather than purchase, setup, and manage their own servers or hosts, which can be both troublesome and expensive, especially for smaller businesses. For larger businesses, it’s becoming more cost effective to simply use a large data center. And for these reasons, data centers are growing in both size and quantity.

In our map, we highlight the world’s largest data centers. You can see how large they are, how much money is being invested in them, and where they are located. However, with the number of websites expected to exceed 1 billion in the next year, some of the locations you see on the map that have less than 1-2 million square feet may fall off of the lists of the world’s largest data centers, like our map, within that same timeframe. As you can see, with websites being the bulk of entire businesses, as it is for millions of people all over the globe, it’s becoming even more important to find a reliable website host, see how they measure up against competition, and see how their infrastructure works.

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