logo_fmTidalScale, Inc. has launched in vXchnge’s, a Designed for Performance® carrier-neutral colocation services provider, Santa Clara, California facility.

TidalScale, a startup founded by Dr. Ike Nassi, and focuses on developing a computing architecture for customers trying to solve large computing problems, serves customers in areas such as data mining and simulation, which require a single coherent memory space accessed by a large number of processors. The Company recently launched version 1.0 of its Software Scaled Computer platform called the TidalScale HyperKernel. The platform allows users to run existing applications under a single operating system, with no modifications, at scale, eliminating the need to re-engineer applications and distribute data sets to run across a cluster of servers.

TidalScale selected vXchnge’s award-winning Silicon Valley infrastructure for its resilient and secure environment, including cabinets and private suites, which allow TidalScale customers to run applications with speed and assurance.

vXchnge’s Santa Clara infrastructure utilizes innovative economizer designs, energy efficient equipment and environmentally friendly products and systems with 100% guaranteed power availability for redundant installations to keep businesses up and running. With its carrier-neutral approach, vXchnge gives TidalScale’s customers the ability to connect to multiple carrier networks, providing flexibility as well as enhanced stability and reliability.

YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9vSjWmN3XJs